Capital City became one of only four expansion teams in the league’s history to win 15 of its first 25 games. Considering what the roster looked like to begin the season, the Go-Go have been one of the G League’s biggest success stories this year.

When the season began, the Go-Go looked good on paper: two-way players, Jordan McRae and Devin Robinson, would be featured heavily. Wizards rookie, Troy Brown Jr., and second-year big man, Thomas Bryant, were expected to be assigned to the G League often. Veteran forward, Lavoy Allen, was in the mix, while Nuggets two-way forward, Thomas Welsh, was on the team early. Randle was slated to start after playing for Real Madrid last season. Rookie guards, Chris Chiozza and Tiwian Kendley, were also invited to Wizards training camp and expected to crack the Go-Go rotation.

In the inaugural season of the Go-Go, Mensah-Bonsu stated in a Capital City Go-Go press release, “As good as winning is, development is key. I always tell people when they ask me what I want to accomplish is develop these players. If they develop, they’re better and we’re going to win. Development is part of winning. As you can see, the way these players and these coaches are responding to adversity is a true testament to who they are, to the system we have put in place, the culture we have tried to develop. I really feel like it’s something these players can establish to the point that anybody who comes in here is going to be like, ‘This is the Go-Go Way.’”

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