The questions and answers here are a synopsis of frequently asked by questions by residents.

Please feel free to e-mail if you have a question that is not answered below.


How will Events DC provide information about jobs training program plans? This is a very important issue for this community.

Events DC will be engaging in an extensive jobs training program modeled after the program that was implemented at the Marriott Marquis where we are very proud of our hiring record. We have hopes of utilizing the vast training networks that already exist in Ward 8.

How will jobs training meetings be advertised?

Monica Ray of CSMI will be a huge help to the team in neighborhood outreach. CSMI operates a “High Tech and High Touch” philosophy of trying to reach all members of the community. Job Training Meetings, as well as others relevant to the project will be advertised through various communication channels to include flyer distribution, social media, announcements/presentations at existing community meetings, and through community- and faith- based organizations.

Not everyone in Congress Heights needs job training. Will there be opportunities for individuals who have experience in the work force?

We understand that and apologize if there was any perception that we assumed that. We welcome opportunities for qualified residents to participate in job opportunities.

The Marriott Jobs Training/Hiring Program resulted in about a 40% hiring rate for DC residents. What will you do to ensure you exceed that this time?

The hotel business is unique in the sense that there is a significant ramp-up period that results in hotel companies often moving existing personnel from other locations in an effort to help facilitate a smooth opening. Every project is different, however we will strive to exceed that number.

What programs do you have for returning citizens and young people to help create jobs for them at the new facility?

We already have some programs in place, such as the MORCA program for returning citizens, and we would like to hear from you about how we can build upon existing programs and develop new ones.

What share of the vendors of the operation of the facility will go to small businesses?

At least 35% will go to certified small business enterprise (SBE) firms with a specific focus on attracting Ward 8 businesses.

Will there be opportunities for small businesses in this deal?

Yes – absolutely. We plan to exceed the 35% small business contracting requirements.


Are there any plans to engage with the nearby homeless shelters regarding the project?

Events DC and DMPED will make an effort to engage all members of the community.

Congress Heights have a seat at the table during the Community Benefits Agreement process?

Events DC agrees that the young people in the community are key stakeholders in the project and looks forward to engaging them further. We also request that you help us to reach out and engage those young people.

Do you think that youth awareness at the ESA is important?

The ESA will be an attraction for the neighboring community and we will need the community’s help in working together to develop community-based programming. To that end, we feel that the young people in the neighborhood should be directly involved throughout this process. We will do our best to reach out to as many people in the community as possible, including the youth, and we look forward to your support in helping us to do so.

For such a large investment, why is this money not being invested in other city services?

While Events DC cannot speak on behalf of the District government regarding its balance of investments in the community, we are excited about what the ESA will bring to the community and think it will be a valuable addition to the Congress Heights & Ward 8 communities.

How will Events DC circulate more awareness of upcoming meetings?

Events DC has recently added staff to spearhead community outreach. We are trying to reach everyone and will continue to request and accept your recommendations as to how we can do so.

How will the money from Monumental Sports & Entertainment will be spent and how will this benefit the community?

We will have an advisory board from Ward 8 who helps us to determine where the $10 million dollars in community investment should be allocated. We will also have a higher than 35% subcontracting set aside.

I’m an 80 year resident of Kingman Park When sports teams come to town, it is important to engage with the surrounding community, unlike what is being done at RFK. How will this site be different?

This is something that we will look at as well. Transportation related concerns are an important part of the overall St. Elizabeth’s project, including the Entertainment and Sports Arena. We will be looking at transportation needs and issues as the design process for this stadium unfolds.

Nationals Park has most of its programming and control by the Nationals. Will this be different?

Yes, Events DC will operate the ESA for about 60% of the event programming at the facility and will be responsible for programming the facility during all available dates. Does Events DC agree that there is a need to ensure that young artists and talent within?

There have been several examples of District investment in “revitalization” projects resulting in the displacement of area residents. How will this project be different?

From an Events DC perspective, our role is to develop the facility on one parcel within the greater St. Elizabeth’s East campus development. The deal has been carefully structured so that Events DC will operate the building for approximately 60% of the programming at the facility and thus will have an opportunity to offer ample community-serving programming.

There is a history, when other stadiums have been built, of people being moved out of the neighborhood and schools shutting down, resulting in overcrowded schools. Is that something that will happen here as well?

Our focus is on enhancing this site, which has been mostly vacant for a long time. Through the development efforts that are underway both on this site and throughout the campus, our expectation is that the area, inclusive of schools, will be improved.

What is in it for the community – is there a community benefits program?

A Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) is an important component of this overall effort and we are working on a process to develop one.

What steps will you take to ensure residents are engaged in the community benefits process?

We want to be as far reaching as possible and we welcome ideas and feedback from you. At the next meeting we will likely discuss your thoughts about the community benefits agreement process. Events DC is committed to listening to your ideas about how we can make the most significant impact.

What will happen to the homeless who are housed here?

The Mayor’s homeless strategy will discuss and address the homeless that are housed on this campus.

Will Events DC allow organizations such as the Ward 8 Arts/Culture Council be involved?

The Events DC team is interested in including local artwork at the building and sees the ESA as an opportunity to create a pathway from the training phase to implementation for young artists. Additionally, certain technical jobs in the arts will be needed in the arena, particularly as it pertains to lighting, sound, AV, etc.

Will the infrastructure improvements address water pressure issues in the neighborhood?

DMPED: DC Water is proposing to construct a new water tower which will alleviate some of the water pressure issues in the surrounding area. Construction on the tower is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2018.

Will the St. Elizabeth’s ambassadors be a part of the project?

Yes, Darnetta Tyus of DMPED will be a point of contact for the Ambassadors moving forward.

You keep saying “proposed” arena. What will it take to move it from proposed to actual?

This will move past the “proposed” state as we undergo the design process and the zoning/regulatory process. Once we have the go ahead and the necessary approvals, we will be able to move to construction. We are still over a year away from that step, however.


Are we using the same EIS and traffic study that was done in 2009?

The EIS was done for the Master Plan and will not need to be redone. A Traffic Management Plan will be part of the process associated with the proposed arena, and will be specific to that project, while also considering the other development efforts that will take place on the campus.

Do you think that an equestrian facility could become part of the new ESA?

The spatial program at the ESA is limited, however the team has and will continue to explore programming options related to equestrian and other events.

How will you stay inside the gate?

The gate will eventually go away and the entire campus will be redeveloped so that there is a natural extension of the neighborhood.

Will Events DC consider having a walking tour?

Yes, walking tours are something that we’ve done and that we will continue to do for this project.

Will Events DC consider including an early Child Development Center in the plans for the campus?

This is something that will be looked at as it pertains to the other parcels on the campus, but is not something that is included in the Entertainment and Sports Arena effort.

Will Events DC consider including an early Child Development Center in the plans for the campus?

This is something that will be looked at as it pertains to the other parcels on the campus, but is not something that is included in the Entertainment and Sports Arena effort.


The current plan is to contain parking within the St. Elizabeth’s campus adjacent to the facility or close-by. Events DC is also studying options to work with DMPED to make sitewide parking more efficient for the entire redevelopment at St. Elizabeth’s East Campus. We will make sure to come back to the community in the future for input.